Education is …

“Love is the most important”
She had said,
“and next is education.”

Education is choice.
Education is freedom.
Education is sharing.

Education is the wisdom of the world
laid out gently in front of you.

Education is a blanket
that warms and protects.

Wrap it tight around you,
learn its lessons well.
It will look after you,
for the rest of your life.

Education is 7 billion hopes


6 thoughts on “Education is …

  1. Nice read,also i want to share some good stuff i came across regarding education and learning !!!

    Learning is actually the key to our self existence. We live because we learn, we learn because we live. We will surely agree that everything that we count as a parameter for success- confidence, attitude, communication, hard work, determination, positive thinking etc., are actually the by-products of learning. 🙂

  2. I found this very warming! I plan to share the poem on my blog as well. Thank you for opening my eyes. I’d love to hear your feedback on my blog on education as well if you have the time!

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